Providing the specific trainings you need

The kind of first aid or CPR someone receives can depend on the age of the patient involved and the kind of healthcare emergency they're experiencing. To help you prepare for any situation, we hold a wide range of training classes. We're proud to offer:

Whether you're interested in pediatric first-aid courses for your daycare staff, or you need to hold first-aid training for healthcare professionals, you can turn to our professional staff. We'll train your employees so they can help keep others safe.

Email us now to schedule your training.

Educate Your Staff and Employees on Emergency Situations

Let our experts hold your next CPR training in Northern, IL

CPR and first-aid training can be invaluable. If you're interested in a training, turn to Northern Illinois CPR and First Aid in Northern, IL. We're licensed through the American Heart Association, and we're fully insured.

Call 815-627-0393 now if you're interested in a training. We're based in Davis Junction, but we serve the surrounding 100-mile radius.

Our history of caring for others

Helping others protect and serve their community is what we founded our business on. With a passion for serving our community, we do everything possible to provide optimal training that gives trainees the ability to save lives. Many of our clients trust us because:

We're family-owned and -operated

Our team served as 911 dispatchers

Our trainers have over 15 years of combined experience

Our care for others started at home-we're owned by a mother-son team. They have over 27 years of experience as dispatchers in addition to their training experience. For more information on our team, view the Our Team page.